Life-long resident? 

    Defecting from downtown? 

    Made a wrong turn on the parkway? 

    No matter why you're here, make the most of it.

    - ONE -

    Begin your experience at the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Montgomery Avenue. You can walk to this intersection from the Journal Square PATH station, or you can take the Montgomery Avenue bus from the Grove Street PATH station.

    - TWO -

    Start walking south on Kennedy Boulevard, toward Lincoln Park. Take in the grand homes of the Boulevard, the growing campus of Saint Peter's University, and gorgeous local landmarks like The Fairmount Hotel (off Fairmount Avenue) and The First Baptist Church (on the opposite corner).

    - THREE -

    Proceed one block south from, Fairmount Avenue to Duncan Avenue, and appreciate the once-desolate, recently redesigned Boyd McGuinness Park.

    - FOUR -

    Proceed east on Duncan Avenue and witness out some of the most magnificent pre-war apartment buildings in the area: 2600 Kennedy Boulevard; 47, 53, and 61 Duncan Avenue; and Saint Paul's Episcopal church, one of the only wooden Victorian churches in Jersey City.

    - FIVE -

    Keep walking eastward, to Bergen Avenue. Once you've arrived at Bergen, make a right and consider stopping for a snack at Honey Bakery.

    - SIX -

    Once you've fortified yourself with a snack, proceed south to Fairview Avenue, then make a right. You'll see a number of early-twentieth-century homes that have been lovingly restored by their owners.

    - SEVEN -

    Walk back to Kennedy Boulevard, then keep walking south. After three blocks, you'll see the gorgeous Lincoln Park promenade, and famed James Earle Fraser statue Lincoln The Mystic Statue by James Earle Fraser, both at the park's Belmont Avenue entrance.

    - EIGHT -

    Enjoy the legendary Lincoln Park for all its worth. Stroll through hundreds of acres of green space, ponds, nature preserves, and golf courses. If you're there on a Sunday, explore the farmer's market, which runs from 9:00AM through 2:00PM.

    - NINE -

    One block past Belmont Avenue, you'll find the parallel-running Gifford and Bentley avenues. Here, you'll find some of the Lincoln Park district's oldest, largest, and most glamourous homes, including one mentioned by Edith Wharton in The Age Of Innocence. If you happen to see an open house, do drop in.

    - TEN -

    It's time for dinner at CARVAO BBQ, then back home, where you'll wish you were still here.


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